Monday, December 22, 2008

put a smile on your lovely faces =)

Jello from Jo ni!

Girls of B107, no no, i think, girls from the Single's Club, have fun reading this. :P I happen to receive this from my friend, and found it rather bitter-for-guys-but-cute-truths.

To those who have found your perfect ones =) but still reading, eheee, now you know you're the lucky beauties ;)

OKay, before i end this post, i think i better put on something in favour of the beings with high testosterone level, before they start buying spades. :-P

Here goes the two-line rhyme, with the most romantic first line, and the LEAST romantic second line :

I see your face when I am dreaming,
That's why I always wake up screaming.

I want to feel your sweet embrace,
but dont take that paper bag off your face.

I love your smile, your face, and your eyes,
Damn, i'm good at telling lies!

My love, you take my breath away,
What have you stepped in to smell this way.
( more applicable to the guys huh? i thought? :P )

My feelings for you no words can tell,
Except for maybe " GO to Hell"

What inspired this amorous rhyme?
Two parts vodka, one part lime

who said poetry is boring?

have a merrry merry christmas. this is the most wonderful time of the year =D
see you soon!
signing off, joni.


Kah Yee said...

lol wah joni where did you get all this from??

andrewL said...

you gotta start changing ur reading material...

Seaneng said...