Saturday, December 13, 2008


It is meant by in a space separating two things, it can be anything that maybe linked to someone or something...-???- just anything well do.

Let took some examples:

a. What I do between study break & EOS-- study n revise over and over again (of course), knowing that not much time left for 7 sbujects to finish in time..hard time and stress..yeap, i do called back home to my parents and seeking help to well as my frens..
b. Everything seems to be--woow, so fast!! We finished! What i do after that and for the Sem break? between? holiday'ing and in the meanwhile waiting for the result..seriously, is full of nervous and scare..i think not only me, most of us afraid of the feeling of waiting and waiting and is 2 weeks time! then can enjoy holiday on peace (fren described it so), is true actually.
c. Is Dec 13..this means that feft about 2 weeks time before our new Sem come..between these time, what I do? fungus'ing at home sitting in front of the laptop, used the time to the fullest which more than enough for me hanging out with my hometown also.
d. What is the feeling between u and me or apart from u? i duno....but what i hope that i do not let you down..although sometimes i should say sorry for that and thansks thanks..A relationship can be simple or somteimes complicated..either frindship, between boys and girls, parents, hard to describe what connected in between..For me, if can i want to be not so simple and so complicated, i want it to be just as i wished.
e. Series of dramas are connected and linked, if they are not, then we will shout "why?how come?isit?...."isnt it true?? haha..

I realise how important it is to be myself and hopefully i can do that better in future. One and half month before, one of my friend told me that he had a social problem..His classmates seeing him in nagative way, until he felt uncomfortable for several weeks..he came to me and i told him have you ever dislike someone..think of it..If u believe that u urself did not do anything that make others dislike you, then maybe u can forget about them..there are always ppl like them, they havnt know you much.. well, just be yourself but remember is being the right self !
Week before i finish EOS, we did talked abt that, he is ok already.

Another, I do told myself: Time wait for no man , so it can pass very very fast without stopping asking one of us to move faster..Just that u already gone through everything u are supposed to..
Yes, is like that :时间可以过很快, 只是中间辛苦的过程..

So, everyone, happy holiday and everyday!!
Is quite late.........Let's call it a day bah =)


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Agree! :)

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eh.. no mandarin please.. the banana gangs are big here too.. haha...

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nice one eddie... : )

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wah so emo lol but then it is really what I felt