Friday, December 5, 2008

Dun giv up!!

Result will be out soon..i sure every 1 will be pretty nervous..However,whatever result tat u all get,please stay positive n dun give up..U all will only consider as loser if u give up..

Failure is not de end of de world..There's still many routes tat v can choose which may leads 2 success in our life.However,if u decide to give up,it means tat u r closing down all de route except opening 1 route which will oni leads 2 more n more failures..

If u fail ur exam(touch wood la!!haha..),never mind..go 4 de resit n try ur best at ur resit..Whatever outcome of de resit,it's least u noe tat u ady tried ur best n u WON't regret..tat's de most important ting in our life..try ur best in every ting tat u do

Remember,ALL our batch mate will always be there 2 help u if v able to..Dun give up n gud luck every 1!!!


彦霓::yen-nee said...

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You are not defeated when you fall. You are defeated when you refuse to get up.

Seaneng said...

yup..nice Yen Nee..

Kin Man said...

Without failure, life is a failure itself.

anitha said...

all of us a fighters...
we'll fight till the end..