Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pharmacy Bazaar

Remember I mentioned in one of the older post that our class is suppose to sell food in one of the upcoming event called the "Pharmacy Bazaar" ? Here is an update.

"Dear batch reps,

IMU Pharmacy Club (IMPAC) will be organizing its first event on 10th – 12th February 2009. The event is called 'Pharmacy Bazaar'. The committee members had already decided to make it a food fair + exhibition. This event will be the very first event in which all pharmacy batches in IMU come together and work as a team. All pharmacy batches will be involved except the B105 as they're in the midst of exam, assignment etc.

The objectives of the event are to launch IMPAC as well as promoting IMPAC, to bring all pharmacy batches together as one besides giving all batches the opportunity to raise fund for their respective batches' fund. Therefore, we will be very grateful if all batches could give their full cooperation to make this event a success. Below are some guidelines of what each batches are required to do for the event:

Exhibition - Herbals functions in therapeutics world

Each batch :

· Will be given 3 boards for the exhibition

· Will be assigned with 3 types of herbs (refer below) for the exhibition

Info that should be included for exhibition:

· Nature of the herbs – properties, where can be found, etc

· Therapeutics functions
However, other extra info can be added.

B106 : Hempedu Bumi /Pokok Cerita - Andrographis paniculata

Misai Kucing/Ruku Hutan/Kumis Kucing - Orthosiphon

Gajah Beranak - Goniothalamus macrophyllus

B107 : Hujan Panas / Bela Puteh - Breynia racemosa

Jarum Mas (Rumput) - Striga asiatica

Medang Lansor - Elaeocarpus mastersii

(from Kin Man: etc.....etc.....for other batches, but doesn't concern us)

Food maze – booth management

Each batch will be given a certain number of booths (refer below) to open up their own stalls. All batches are fully responsible in managing their respective booth (what food/stuff to sell, capital, and deco). However, IMPAC will be in charge of decorating the atrium and preparing tables/chairs for the sale purposes. All batches must be clear that 20% of the profit gained will be channeled to the society and the remaining 80% will go to their respective batch's fund.

B106 : 2 booths/tables

B107 : 2 booths/tables

B108 : 2 booths/tables

P107 : 5 booths/tables

P108 : 2 booths/tables

P109 : 2 booths/tables

P/S : booth is solely for food/etc sales only.

(end of mail).

Ok, I know sem 4 is a damn busy sem. And all my post are all bout work work and more work...but if we stick as class, as long as we work together, if everone is willing to chip in even a little effort, even the hard work will seem easy. If we can make orientation 2008 a success, we can make these events a success too!!

Keep ya guys updated. Ciao.

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