Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lost, lose, loose, losing = bad

Losing something is never a good thing. There is no positive outcome when it comes to losing an item so precious to you, so new to you, so useful and practical. Oh well, I guess everyone has their turn and habit when it comes to losing stuff *coughandrewcough*

Recently, I lost my phone, which SUCKS big time. I didn't treasure or come to realise the true value of my phone until it went missing. I thought it was lying perfectly fine, unscratched beside the gearbox of my brother's car but low and behold, it is no where to be found in the car. It was like a blow to the head when my always-a-liar-brother called to say that they couldn't find the phone. I thought they were pulling my leg in the beginning, so I called bad-liar-mummy to confirm and true enough, it's not there. I sat there in the antique car trying to trace back my actions that could have possible pin-pointed the location where I last placed my handphone but all I could remember was the gearbox compartment in the car. I was left dazed, appalled at my carelessness.

Mum texted E Bi's phone to tell me to call Maxis and what-not, that was when emotions filled the eyes and tears came trickling down my cheeks on realisation that Mini Natz V was really lost now (Yes, I do name my gadgets ;P). I reminded myself not to think so much of it but regret started to fill my day as it went by. Good thing friends were around to take your mind of it and the rides definitely helped as well. I let most of it go during the fall of the Space Shot though I did not scream, laugh or shout; just feelings of remorse and anger.

*Useful Tip: Always memorize your mum's number because you should never take advantage of always having the phone to remember that number for you.

If I had remembered my mum's number, I could have called her and realise that the phone wasn't in the car and could have acted earlier to trace my steps and probably found it lying somewhere, but NOOOOO I assumed that my phone was going to be with me all the time so I didn't need to memorize it. Stupid mistake. Oh well, lesson learnt.

They say you could barr your phone from being used using the IMEI no. but Maxis said you could only barr the line. Like WHAT THE! It's either because Malaysia doesn't have the technology yet or the consultant I spoke to didn't give a rat's ass but I would like to believe it's the former hehehe..

So yeah, losing things/someone/time is no way in hell ever a good thing cos you get nothing out of it. It's best to hold on and treasure what you have with you and never NEVER EVER take things for granted. Please keep that in mind. Fate has a way of getting its way.



Anonymous said...

I am sorry over what happened. But this post wakened me and made me realize ti keep my phone "in touch".My num is 016-6020219

Kah Yee said...

hey stay strong!

andrewL said...

so emo.. chill la ok..

Jasmine said...

oh, i should start memorizing my mum's hp num. i never remember my mum's num. anyways, poor you! but don't worry, im sure everything's gonna be alright. my num : 012-2792635

Ev said...

aiya...someone got new canggih hp all dee.. no worries ppl :p