Thursday, December 11, 2008

(I dunno what to write here.. coz wat im gonna write has a wide range)

First i see the post below.. it talks about the greatness of 1000 VISITORS.. then i see the post number when i wanna create post.. it says this post of mine is post 8.
1000 : 8 --> i see the connection

Seriously la b107s.. post la.. i got not enough reading material for holiday laa !!

And i would like to point out a certain fact about tagging, which is the act of linking this blog from just about every single personal blog owned by the 100++ ppl in our class. See.. blogs are.. famous.. so, if every1 links this blog in their own blog.. then B107 Underground would wont be Underground for a long time.. got lotsa ppl that read our blogs wan u noe.. some are ok.. some might stumble upon it thru goggle.. some might coincidentally ask for the IDs of each and every1 who posted sumthing here.. I'm not suggesting anything neither am i hinting.. just pointing out a fact to consider =)
Ps: Bookmarking can be a very good way to save website links.

One more thing... You all got so many holiday experience.. Just write some short stories and share some nice pictures here la.. Especially those kaki-kaki that takda sendiri punya blog.. WRITE HERE LA !! (You know who you are la uh ;p)
Seriously ppl out there !!.. post sumthing !!.. anything is ok.. ITS HOLIDAY MA !!


Seaneng said...

yaya..if u all wanna post anyting here,juz post OUR B107 blog ma..haha..

iC3_sHiN said...

i thought somebody said this blog is private...only for us?
others can't really open, right?

happy holiday!!

andrewL said...

can open.. its not private.. it is public.. so.. pandai-pandai la :p

DaVIdnG said...

other ppl can view but cannot post.. if you guys want, we can switch it to private 1... only those invited ones can view..