Friday, December 5, 2008

Going Green in IMU

I received an email from a student from M206, and it is regarding her campaign of promoting the issue of going green, and the best place to start is, of course, IMU.
This is from her email:-

" hi batch reps, I am Sheah Lin, a student from M206. Some of you may know me as ex-src sports rep. As some of you might notice, IMU students had been using excessive styrofoam everyday. This is producing unnecessary waste that will lead to environmental problem and eventually lead back to us or the next generation. The SRC had tried to request for proper utensils in the canteen, however, it was not approve as there is no proper water supply in the current canteen. However as educated individuals who are trained to solve problems from different angles, surely we can do something about this situation on our own. Environment is something that I am passionate about hence I had prepared a power point presentation that is of 3mins and 5 sec. The presentation is to encourage each of us to bring our own container, spoon, and fork to IMU so that we can reduce disposable waste. Even if only one person's mind is change in the campus, we had already reduce a minimum of 200 styrofoam per year. If 2 person, 400 styrofoam boxes. " (end of email)

I believe what she said is true. And she attached a powerpoint presentation that she was supposed to present to the class, but can' t cos we are having break, so i email it to u guys.

Going green is the new pink. Peace out.

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