Thursday, December 4, 2008

Batch Rep Meeting with SRC

Hi b107!!
2day i attended a meeting with src. Basically we were briefed about few important things. I will lay out the contents of the meeting as simple as i can:

1) Information passing.
There is apparently an issue of passing information/news/updates to the students. Students complain that they are not informed about anything that is happening in imu. So, it is actually the batch reps responsibility to actually pass the infos to the class. However, it is also agreed that some students just do not bother to check their emails, or even pay attention when aanoucements are being made. So, i hope through this blog, (plus emails and also annoucements in class), i hope that b107 gets informed. I will be updating the class' email list when sem 4 starts, and I want the email address that is being checked often, and I hope u guys check emails often.

2) Hillside parking
For those who parks there, rejoice!! They will be grading the hill (dunno what that means, but i suppose it is something good). There are quite a number of complains that the stones in the hill caused a few punctures. And also about the security there. The hill will be only guarded till 7pm, so beyond that, it is advisable to park your car in IMU.

3) IMU Ball
I know this is more like a medical event, but just to inform u guys that it is coming soon. At Mariot Putrajaya. And this time, it has alcohol served. Cool. But for those who prefer non-alcohol, they have segregation, don't worry.

4) Room relocation
As we know, now the canteen is shifted into the new building ground floor (but only temporarily). The new location of other places are:
Gym = 4th floor, old src room. (new gym will be at the LG of the new building, and a new gym
club is coming out soon). The new gym will sport new facilities, costing to about
Dance room = 1st floor of new building.

The new student lounge (not so soon, maybe around July next year??) will be at the LG of new building. It will be bigger and better than the current one, with computers, music room, meeting room..etc..

5) Security
Apparently there is an increase of muggings and thefts around IMU recently. So, it is advisable not to walk to LRT alone, be careful in carparks...guys please accompany other gals and please don't run away..

6) Lost and Found
About stuffs from lost and found, there will be someone who will be actually display the lost and found things every Friday, in canteen (i think, or somewhere got a lot of people) so that anyone can claim their lost things. It will be startign soon.

7) website
This is an effort by SRC and IMU to encourage students in e-communication. So, please register yourself, (if you have not so so) and join in the forum!!!
ps: Wei ping, maybe u can make the website link on this blog too..thx!

8) Open day
The next open day wll be on Jan 18th. As usual, we need volunteers. So if u are intested, contact me or email me. I will be announcing this also when sem 4 starts. Rm 30 for full day and Rm 15 for half plus lunch. Sounds good in this time of economy crunch eh? :P

9) New name tag
A new name tag will be issued to us around mid Dec. I dunno how and when will they pass it to us. I will find out from SAD. Inform u guys later.

Ok thats all. Anything i will add later.

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Hey jz want to say that the has been added to the blog.

u guys can link to there by going to IMU's link >> IMU CAMPUS (located at the right coulumn of the blog).