Thursday, December 4, 2008


Hello! B107 ! The B1/07's blog has been finally launched! And I am so excited that our batch has finally got our own blog!

However, as the title says, this post isn't mean to express my feeling or my excitement on the launched of the blog. It is a post that serve as a reply to the previous post, and is a post that serves as an apology to the technical error that has been done.

I, Khor wei ping (B0707117), was the one that is responsible on the banner/ picture for the header of this blog. Hereby, i would like to apologize to Miss. Natalie on the careless mistake that I have done and has been disturbing u so much.

I am so sorry to cause such an embarrassing situation, and I have no intention to miss out any 1 of the B1/07 members in the photo. It was my mistake that I didn't recount and recheck the number of people in the photo and I hope you will forgive me for this mistake.

When I make myself into this situation and thinking that I am the one that was missed out in the photo, I will definitely feel bad also. So, members of B1/07, if you find yourself are out of the photo, or maybe a friend of you is missed out in the photo, please! please! Kindly inform me.

By the way, as a members of those creating this blog, we would like to let you all know that a new picture/ banner will be uploaded for the header of the blog soon. We are working out within these few days and I promise that I will not miss out anybody again in the new banner.

And , as david has said in his welcoming post, we are welcoming all of you to blog and to leave comment here. We would like to listen from you on your view of this blog. If you feel like changing something in the blog, you can just leave a comment here.

SO, LEt's BloG !!
Good luck for the EOS result and happy holiday !

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彦霓::yen-nee said...

Maybe nobody will read this comment since this is a *once upon a time* post.

Wei Ping,

thanks for taking this job and create this blog for everyone of us in this class!


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