Sunday, December 14, 2008

Help needed!

Hi guys!
I know i did not post much here, and everytime i post its usually bout admin or class stuffs, so i know many are not really interested. Now i'm in a camp till next Thurs, and i got this mail from IMPAC (IMU PHARMACY CLUB, just established, and i was appointed the vice president, dunno how i got myself into it..). We are organizing a pharmacy bazaar, on the 10th to 12th of Feb. We are suppose to sell foodstuffs there, and the main aim is to raise funds for our future convo mag. If we start earlier the better, so that by sem 8, we at least have the money. We r finding for volunteers or helpers for this event, so if u can give me your names by this thurs, it is very much appreciated. Or else, my response to them would be that b107 is too busy in sem 4. Sooner or later we have to do it for Msian Studies, so we can take this bazaar as a learning experience.
(i'm writing this post using a handphone, so sorry for the untidyness.). Please respond. Thanks.

Your faithful batchrep who is just doing his job,
Kin Man.


斌世无双 said...

yoyo... if everyone got the heart to do this.. count me in!!

iC3_sHiN said...

i will help if u need so..

-1 Ling- said...

i don't mind helping... : )

雁姑娘 said...

count me in!!! ^-^