Saturday, December 27, 2008

IMU Ball Fundrasing Event

Hi guys,

Before I continue, I apologize to Wei Ping becos the namelist I gave him did not contain the latest email of our batchmates, therefore not all of our class knows the existence of this blog. I will ask for emails updates when sem 4 starts and also promote this blog.
And I am also proud that many of our batchmates actually posted things here and keeping this blog very much alive. Keep it up!

Ok, I got an email from an IMU ball committee and I think I am suppose to post it here:

"Dear Batch Reps.,

I'm Ong See Ki, the Fundraising Manager for IMU Ball 2009. This mail is regarding a fundraising event that will involve every student from all batches. I have already mentioned most of the details in the phone conversation, but this is just for further clarification. For some batches, I have only contacted one batch rep from each batch, due to unexpected circumstances. However, I would like to clarify that this is a large scale project that will require both reps to work together.

First of all, about the project. It is a fundraising project that involves each student in assisting a large scale memo pad sale in early 2009. Each student will receive 5 memo pads, and they can sell the items to whomever in however way they wish. As a batch rep, I seek your assistance in coordinating this project with your batch mates. I will hand all the memo pads to both the batch reps, on the date that is best suited for each batch's timetable. The due for the sale is 2 weeks from the day I passed the memo pads, so, I’ll be expecting the collected cash, as well as the remaining memo pads. I wish to make it clear to all that once the memo pads are received by the respective batch reps, it is the batch's responsibility from then on. This means, if anything goes missing without cash in return, it is the batch’s responsibility.

No. of items per student : 5 or more
Price per item : RM 3.00

Batch reps will receive the total number of memo pads for the whole batch respectively, and are to distribute to each batch mate in whatever method that suits best. One suggestion here is to distribute the items according to PBL groups, for ease of handling. It is NOT COMPULSORY for the students to sell 5items off each, but I sincerely hope that every student can do their best in helping out. It is even better if any batch can request for additional memo pads to be sold.

The aim of this project is to fundraise for IMU Ball 2009 as well as for Rumah Jaireh, a charity home for the abandoned HIV+ women and children. The total fund raised for the IMU Ball will be used to subsidize the Ball ticket for each student, to reach a reasonable and affordable ticket price for a good quality in a 5- star hotel. Therefore, I will personally make an announcement on the respective dates that I have discussed with each batch rep, regarding the format of the project, as well as the IMU Ball account breakdown, to show the students how will the profit be used.

I will contact each batch rep 3days before the day of the commencement of the sale, just to confirm.

Thank you so much, and I really appreciate your assistance in this project. For any enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact me at this email or my cell phone number 012-3391780.

P.S. For those batches that have not received the time tables for the new semester yet, please let me know the date, time and venue of your class as soon as you receive it, as I have to fix an appointment with each batch accordingly.

Fundraising Manager
IMU Ball 2009"

(end of mail).

Thats all. Will keep you guys updated.

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