Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Transportation for Group B CC attachment 10/3/2010

Car 1
Terrorist Ho - driver

Car 2
Koh chia Yan - driver
Kong Pui Chin
Koh Wan Ling
Khoo Ming-Yi
Leow Sheh Leng

Car 3
Koh Pang Tsen - driver
Chun Wei
Yun Shiang

Car 4
Lam Choon Choon - driver
Lau Mei Mei
Khor Kah Loong
Lau Sie Chai
Li Shin Gie

Car 5
Lam Weng Fai - driver
King Teck Long
Kong Siaw Fui
Liew Wei Mun

Car 6
Ebi - driver
Kean Ping
Ai Xin
Yi won

If anyone wish to arrange their own transport, please inform the respective driver.
We are suppose to meet at the hospital before 845am. We need to report to the oncology department at 9am sharp.
Venue to meet up yet to be confirmed.
Enjoy the attachment.


Jasmine said...

wooohooo! terrorist ho rockkksss! :D

Anonymous said...

Em I think better go earlier coz the parking there is super limited. And by the way 1 car can fit 5 ppl actually. Just my suggestion. ;]

km-y said...


^lsl^ said...

mana saya?? T.T...

斌世无双 said...

ops... sorry IsI.. added ur name.. really sorry

grace said...

hey! stop calling me terrorist!! hmph!!