Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Transport to IMU BALL

heylo B107,

On behalf of Tsen, i'm here to ask if anyone is willing to drive to the hotel ?
If you're planning to drive, and there are still empty slots in your car, do you mind letting Tsen and I know by this weekend ? *even if your car is filled, do let us know as well, so that we can count in the numbers. thanks *

Those who dont stay in Vista but wish to help out in fetching, are greatly appreciated :)
We hope to find sufficient cars so that we do not have to arrange for a bus...... but if we really have no other options, then preferably the gentlemen of B107 and some girls will have to take the bus - *allowing more girls to take cars :)

sorry for the biasness, but i'm sure you guys understand :)

Thank you.

p/s : to the group that has attachment on the last week of our semester, all the best :) i'm sure you people can pull it through though it might be a lil packed for you all
If God puts you to it, He pulls you through it :)

have a nice day people!
signing off with love,

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