Monday, March 22, 2010

Jumbo To Cease Operation

Dear All,

We wish to advise that Jumbo (current main operator) at Pandan Serai Cafe has advised that they will not be renewing their contract which expires on 31 March 2010. Jumbo has indicated that they have been losing money since operation and that their losses were higher since the introduction of vegetarian food by Sri Emas. They had approached us for committed pax and for exclusivity, however, the request does not meet IMU's requirement. From the beginning it had been made known to all operators that:

* There would be 1 main operator and maximum of 3 sub-operators
* No restriction or exclusivity extended to operators to meet IMU's requirement ie student's limited break time, reduction of re-queuing for other items and Cafe Committee will control the pricing/portions

We are aware that recently Jumbo have been awarded a contract to supply food for a committed 300 pax daily with a company.

We have now secured an interested party (after approaching 3 potential operators) to take over as a main operator at Pandan Serai Cafe. Append below is a brief outline of the New Operator - Impian Rasa Foods for your information:

Impian Rasa Foods was registered on 13 November 2008 and it is managed by family members under the ownership of Puan Nor Azizah binti Mustaffa. Currently they have 3 restaurants under the name of :

- Restoran Mutiara Pedas
- Restoran Mutiara Pedas - Taman Industri
- Restoran Mutiara Iman.

Their main operation, a restaurant is based at Puchong.

They are currently operators of Kesas Canteen since 2008 and they are also supplying packed food to SP Setia Berhad on a daily basis. They are also one of IMU caterers.

Jumbo will cease operation at 3pm on Friday 26th, to clear and clean for handover on Saturday 27th to IMU.

Impian Rasa Foods (New Operator) will take over on Saturday 27th to prepare for operation on Monday 29th as main operator at Pandan Serai Cafe.

Wai Ling


Darrell KTL said...

Oh... Good.. But I dont give much hope to the new one too..

Kin Man said...

All pedas one..

Darrell KTL said...

U know at first i tot is wan ling who wrote it. hahaha.. I tot since when she so kepo ard ..

Mogan Ram said...

i also first thot it was wan ling..
i still cant comprehend how was jumbo at a lost when they were charging so f***ing expensively..i tell u..if they charge that price but give more amount,they would have made their bucks..they dug their own grave..noobs ;p

iC3_sHiN said...

Morgan, I agreed with you!!
anyway.. why pedas? I DISLIKE PEDAS..