Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Amazing Craze @ IMU !!!


“Dare to take the challenge?

An outdoor treasure hunt with checkpoints at various places around KL

Date : 27 march 2010, Saturday

Time : 8am-4pm

Fee : RM 25 only! (for t-shirt, food, cd and certificate)

2 persons of the same gender per group

Come enjoy the craze with us!

To get the registration form, please contact :

0133009187 (Najwa M208)

0197203429 (Farah Nadzirah M208).

Registration is open NOW until 8 March 2010. Hurry!

Interesting prizes to be won! Just for you =D

1st : trip to Langkawi for two + RM208

2nd : trip to Genting Highlands for two

3rd : Sunway Lagoon tickets for two

4th&5th : Hampers

Winning certificates for all winners and participation certificates for all participants.

Brought to you by MSoc, in collaboration with SRC and SAD.


1) All teams must consist of 2 members per team (in a pair of same gender)

2) Only public transportation (train and bus only; taxi is not allowed) or on foot can be used for the participants to move from one check point to another. The participants need to use their own money for transport expenses. Any team caught using their own transports will be immediately disqualified.

3) Both members of each team must be present at the checkpoint, or else the team would not be allowed to carry on with the task or proceed to the next check point.

4) During the race, participants must ensure their own safety (by wearing long pants) as well as the safety of the public. Participants are prohibited from involving in any act that might provoke or insult or endanger the public.

5) Participants are prohibited from littering, polluting or damaging the environment of the check points and surrounding area.

6)Each team is required to bring at least a camera (or phone-camera).

So...hope to see you guys there! =D


Darrell KTL said...

interesting. anyone interested?

khai xhuen said...

i'm interested leh..any girls interested, since our partner needs to be of the same gender.