Monday, March 29, 2010

CC Attachment Car Pool for Group A

Please take note of your driver, and please help spread news to others in your same car, thank you.

Driver: Farah
-Chen Cin
-Chai Yen
-Evelyn Chen

Driver: Jo Ni
-Wei Ling
-Shou Yong

Driver: Kwong howe
-May May

Driver: Kin Man
-Ling Wei
-Siew Li
-Evelyn Kho

Driver: Sor Leng
-Sheah Lin
-Ching Fong Ling

I hope I did not miss out anyone :)
Meeting time is at 7.15am at IMU entrance, departure at 7.30 max. If got GPS please bring (handphone also can), but we will have a lead car to bring the way.


Seaneng said...

i got GPS and know d way as well..lolz..

DaVIdnG said...

haha... thanks kin man..

anitha said...

noted :)
thanx kin man