Monday, October 5, 2009

Poster for MIC

Hey everyone...

Regarding the poster for MIC, I can help to print it for u if u want.
It is of good quality with matte lamination.
As for the price, it depends on the poster (colour/s).

However, u need to email me the poster (in pdf or jpeg format) by this friday, 10am (latest). Please don't be late.
I'll pass u all the posters on Monday morning or come and get it from me on Sunday nite.
My email is



km-y said...

thanks anitha!

Shamala said...

Thanks anitha! :)

Chi Lun said...

i would be helping anitha to sent the poster for printing on friday because she is having interview that day. So the rest of the groups can send their poster to me by friday 10am the email is