Thursday, October 8, 2009

Organ Donation Talk‏

Dear All,

Speaker : Mr Lee Chen Hoe
Topic : Organ donation
Venue : IMU LT3
Time : Friday 9 October 2009. 10:30AM to 11:15AM

There will be organ donation forms for those who wish to pledge to be donors.

Mr Lee was on dialysis for 5 years before getting a kidney transplant on 27 July 1996. The kidney was donated by the family of an American who was working in KL and died of a stroke. Mr Lee is the secretary of the Green Ribbon Support Association, which is a support group for organ transplant recipients. He is extremely active in the community by giving talks on organ donation.

Some Possible objections to donation organ are

1. doctors won't save me if I am in a medical emergency they know I am a donor
2. my religion is against organ donation
3. organs donated go to rich patients
4. I may not be dead before my organs are removed for transplant.

Are there any basis to these -- and many other -- objections ?

Please attend the talk.

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