Saturday, October 10, 2009

Log book ans for Q 11 (Updated with Q12)

The question is very difficult to answer. For Q11 u can refer to mr tham's presentation. It is available in I drive under Dr Rajinikhan folder. The next question still in progress....

Ok. Update..
This is another case of failed pharmaceutical marketing:

Exubera (inhaled insulin by Pfizer, introduced at mid-2006 but pulled out of market during 2007)


q12 Paracetamol:

Here you can find some info about panadol and how they market panadol. For example, introduce diff dosage from and so on...

Here is another link for panadol....

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Siew Li said...

Thats great stuff you guys! Thanks!

Then...probably everyone will write about the inhaled insulin product >w<
very hard to find other such products ya know T.T