Sunday, October 11, 2009

Log Book Q5 & Q6

Hi. Here are some converstations in the interview and I think that they might be helpful in answering question 5 and 6.
Question 5:
"Q. Can you describe your company’s storage facility and storage conditions?
A. Poisons are kept in a cage under a lock system with the key held by the pharmacist. Other drugs are kept in normal designated areas. For raw materials and blister packaging materials such as aluminium foil, storage temperature is 23 ± 2°C with relative humidty of below 50%. Relative humidity is monitored daily with a hygrometer. Other packaging materials such as bottles can be stored at room temperature. "
Question 6:
"Q. Does Innovax utilize documents such as invoices, indents and GRN?
A. Most of their material is sourced from their subsidiaries thus they only need to purchase API’s from outside. Hence, invoices are only used for purchase of API’s. Invoices are managed by the administration. GRN is seldom used as it is more for the production side."
*What is GRN? (goods return note)

•GRN is being used to record all stocks or inventory returned to the suppliers especially damaged or wrongly delivered Goods
•Any damaged or wrongly delivered goods be received, the supplier should be notified immediately and agreement reached as to whether the stores are willing to receive a short order, the process necessary to get the damaged or wrongly delivered goods returned and arrange for the required items to be supplied.
•All messages or conversations with the supplier or his carrier regarding this matter should be noted on the relevant GRN as a record. On occasions any agreements reached may need to be put in writing and a copy of the letter filed appropriately.
•If further goods are expected the GRN should be placed in an incomplete order file to await further deliveries to complete the order.

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