Friday, July 30, 2010

Super Senior is now on Chinese Singing Competition!

I bet all of us (or almost all of us) have heard of

SUPER JUNIOR and their famous production "SORRY SORRY"

did anyone of u know who is Super Senior??

Super Senior (Korean: 슈퍼 시니어), often referred to as SS or Syiok Sendiri (고객님의 충격), is a popular group from IMU formed by B107 Entertainment in 2010. The name of the group was specifically designed as they are now one of the most senior student in IMU, the one that shall not be forgotten at all time.

With a total of 6 members, Loo Wei Wen, King Teck Long, Lam Weng Fai, Wong Wai Han, Fion Lam and Melissa Lim was chosen from millions applicants via auditions held in C1-3-3 by B107 Entertainment in 2009.

And now, they are ready to make their first ever appearance in the public, which is the upcoming IMU Chinese Singing Competition!


Come and support the "tomorrow stars" (明日之星) Super senior!

Entrance tickets are sold separately for audition n final : RM 4 each , 2 tickets for RM6
And also remember to Vote for us by buying food, tidbits or any product on the booth.

Date: 4th August 2010 ( WED )
night time

Super Senior

Please also come and join our fans club at face book:!/group.php?gid=135739806463871&ref=mf

See You All On Next Wed!

Remeber to buy Tickets and Vote for us ya!

Thanks !


chunwei said...


wai han said...

haha.. thank u wei ping~

anitha said...

all the best ppl...

Shamala said...

haha!! good luck guys! I'll vote for u when i'm in uni. =)

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