Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's time for you to choose!

Hi people!

Still remember your photoshooting session? Yeah, I just distributed around the photos this morning and I would like to remind you :

1. All the groups please discuss among yourselves for the best group photo. Only one can be chosen.

2. Every group member please choose your best individual photo with prop. Again only one can be chosen.

3. For your convenience, we already seperated the photos into different folders, but just focus on the group and individual with prop. Please do ignore the rest.

4. All the group leaders please compile the selected photos (group and individual) into 1 folder and give me back next week. I will contact you when I'm around imu.

Oh ya!
For your information, I have passed photos to:
1. Shamala (Dark purple)
2. Anitha (Dark pink)
3. Kin Man (White)
4. David (Blue)
5. Felicia (Pink)
6. Mogan (Grey)
7. Kah Loong (Baby Blue)
8. Siew Li (Black)

So, please get from them ya!

GREEN and RED group please send your representative to get photos from me asap!

Orange people, my Miss Kuan Yin she will know how to do for you all, just find her!

1 colour missing?


Don't forget our date on this Saturday at 8.30am!

Thank you so much!

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