Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2 Alumni Talks for All Pharmacy Students


This talk is for all the pharmacy students who are available to come for it ~
especially BPharmers in sem3, sem 5, and sem 7.

It will be held on 13th of August in LT3, by Ms Wong Pei Se, who is one of our school's alumni !
The contents of the talk includes,
-Career pathway for Pharmacy students
-About the careers (job scope, salary)
-Ways to achieve your dream


All Pharmacy students are welcome to come for this talk !!
the speaker will be sharing his experience of,

-how did he managed to survived the "culture shock" in UK (totally a different school life from IMU)

-how he copes with his study in UK

-working as a probationary pharmacist in Malaysia (the first year in the hospital)

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