Thursday, July 1, 2010

Name of those who haven't register for IMU Alumni

The following names haven't register their names for IMU Alumni. Please take note, and friends please remind them. The reason why I am rushing this is because research will be starting soon, and AAD will sponsor some money once EVERY B107 is in the list. Thanks!

Nur Farah
Chan Khai Xhuen
Chew Shou Yong
Chin Khai Ching
Ding Yen-Nee
Eng May May
Evelyn Chen
Evelyn Kho
Pang Tsen
Wan Ling
Weng Fai
Lau Mei Mei
Sie Chai
Soon Yang
Bee Chyi
Jia Xin
Huong Yieng
Khai Mei
Wong Mei Mei
Wai Shan
Jeng Guan
Choo Yai Wen
Nurul Nadia
Yong Tze Teen
Wong La Ling
Lau Hui Shan

If you are friends or buddies of anyone above, just kindly remind them to register asap. I will go seek for them by next week if they are not yet registered..hehe..
Just head to

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Anonymous said...

i had registered but why i still see my name here??