Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chinese Singing Competition Details

1. Registration Booth: 19th July (Monday) till 29th July 11.30am to 2.30pm.
2. Food Fair: 2nd August till 11th August at Atrium from 11.30am to 2.30pm.
3. Buy our food, tidbits or any product in exchange of votes.
4. Entrance tickets are sold separately for audition n final : RM 4 each , 2 for RM6
5. Audition night got lucky draw: smaller prizes like drinks n tidbits, bigger prizes like hair salon voucher etc.
6. Final night have performance of guest, such as Amy Wong and Adrian.
7. Registration Fee
Group-RM 12 each group
Song composing RM12

8. All contestants are also required to attend the briefing session on 30/7/2010 (Friday) at 12.45pm at SR 1.07.
9. Rehearsal on 2nd August at Lt2
10. Our title is Music Across Generation ( 跨越时代)
11. The prizes are : for Solo n Group
1st Prize: Hamper + RM150 + Trophy + Cert
2nd : Hamper + RM100 + Trophy + Cert
3rd : Hamper + RM50 + Trophy + Cert

For Composing Group:
Only have champion: Hamper + RM150 + Trophy + Cert

12. There are 3 categories in this competition which are Solo, Group and Song Composing. Contestants can participate in either one at the same time. Each contestant will only be allowed to represent one group in each type of presentation. For contestants who have a band, we will categorize you with respect to the number of singers. Means, if your band only 1 people singing, then u r in solo group.

13. Song picking:
a) First round elimination = Contestants are free to pick their own songs
b) Semi – finals = Songs chosen must be from the year 1990-2010
c) Finals = Randomly pick a song that are prepared by the committee members

13. For further enquiry , please call Chen Ee(0167780658), Khor Xiao Ying (0165406630) n Rachel Teh (0174051886)

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