Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More photos from the Futsal championship

Here are more photos from yesterday's match. First of all, we have to thank the referee, who I'm sure you agree did a very good job. Well done and do help us out again, whenever we have a match. He only doled out one yellow card.

And surprise, surprise, to my mild-mannered, B107's very own singing sensation (and some say Medical Biotech as well), Weng Fai!

Where did he get all that aggression from? He certainly doesn't show this to the Dean!

Here we have Mr. Golden Glove in a very awkward position and situation. But, don't fault him. The ball was too fast.

Weng Fai here after scoring a goal. He's doing his alien impression.

And of course, we shall not forget all the teams on that day. Here we have the puritanical Whites.

Next up we have the Reds. Any more voluptuous and they'd have to roll like the ball. Have you seen how Voluptuous Soon Yang was in his victory lap?

We have the Blues, still looking rather pornographic even though they dropped their skin-colour clothing. Horrors, I'd have a tough time explaining to the Associate Dean if they actually did that! So, thank you for sparing me that torment.

Below we also have the Dark Knights, or was it the Black Knights?


彦霓::yen-nee said...


I can't stop falling in love with B107.

Dr Kang, thanks for everything.

siewli said...

^^ You rock Dr Kang!