Wednesday, February 3, 2010

B107 Futsal Champions' League

2/2/2010 7.30 p.m-1130 p.m Venue-IMU green zone

Below are the results of B107 futsal champions' league:

White House - Dark Knight 1-2

White House - Voluptuous Red 1-0
Voluptuous Red - Blue Angel 0-1
Dark Knight - Blue Angel 0-0
Voluptuous Red- Dark Knight 2-3
White House- Blue Angel 0-1

3rd and 4th placing

Voluptuous Red - White House 2-4


Blue angel- Dark Knight (1-1)
Penalty shootout (3-4)

The awards

Golden glove- Fong Kin Man (Blue Angel)
Golden boot- Lim Kean Ping (Dark Knight) and Koh Pang Tsen (White House)
Best newbie- Lam Weng Fai (Dark Knight) And Eddie Ha (Voluptuous Red)
Fair play- Voluptuous Red
Champion- Dark Knight

Quoted from King Teck Long-
Once upon a time.....................futsal is fun!!

Quoted from Assoc. Prof Kang Yew Beng-
The champion tonight is not white,red, black or blue, it is a team known as B107.

Thank you everyone for putting effort into this event. It has been a great success. Hope this event will be a memorable one for all of us. Congratulations to the champion team and players in the award list. Hope those who get injured during the matches will recover soon.
A big thank you again for being part of this event whether you are supporters, photographers, refree, players or hawkers. I am really really really proud of you all. B107 rocks!!


President of FIFA (Fake International Football Association)


斌世无双 said...

great 1... planning for next event

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Darrell KTL said...

...... thank you for 'summarizing' my long winded, bored and don't-know-what-he's-saying speech.......... =.=

wai han said...

I think i kind of like futsal leh.. haha.. terung, your speech was not bored at all & was FUN!! :P

FIFA president said...

Teck Long,i just wana emphasize that u love futsal aloooot..haha