Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Amendments to B107 Champion League

Attention for Guys & Ladies,

Below is the amendments to B107 Champion League:

Venue: IMU greenzone/ futsal court
Time: 715pm - 1100pm


715 to 730pm Gathering
730 to 745pm Welcoming speech by Teck Long
745 to 800pm Singing club song, Mourn for Haiti victims, Signature (on ball) and Photo session
800pm Kick Start
1030pm Price giving ceremony

Admission Fee: FOC

P/S Ladies: Take your dinner early today and come to join us .
Without your support, the match will not complete =)


chunwei said...

Let's have fun tonight. Somemore, food and drinks maybe provided tonight but you need to pay for it ;)

-1 Ling- said...

hahahahahaha. chun wei. good one. yup. food n drinks will be sold. money collected will go to our convo mag. =D so do come.. n support! =)

chunwei said...

hey 1 ling, you should write so do come.. n pay! =)and the most important to have a great night to see ALL GUYS in action (no one left out). We are not BOOKWORMS or even SINGLE NEuron. We are PHARMACY trainne a.k.a undergraduate student.Haha....