Friday, February 5, 2010

Convo Mag Biodata and Dedication edited

Hihi B107,

These are the questions which will be included in our convo mag (biodata section).
We need your cooperation to answer the questions below, and provide your personal details. =)

Feel free to be as creative as you wish! After all, we will be reading this in years to come, and we all want it to be as memorable as possible, don't we? ;)

1. Craziest and memorable things done in IMU.
2. I would probably be remembered as ……
3. If I weren’t in IMU, I would …
Meaning of the question: if you are not studying in IMU or IMU not your first choice, what and where will you be? )
4. How do you see yourself in year 2020? (if the world doesn't end in 2012 =P)
5. The words I live by….
Word limit: 10 – 15 words

Dedication: 30 words
(You can dedicate any message to anyone you want.)

Personal details:
H/P number

Please EMAIL the details to respective person by 26 February 2010.

Group X – Siew Li

Group Y – Ida

Group Z – Ai Xin

p/s: Please put the subject of the email as Convo ID No: B0707_ _ _


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