Friday, January 15, 2010

Malaysian Studies Photos & Videos DVD

I'm so sorry this has been delayed.
Just wanted to ask if anybody wants a DVD of the photos and videos taken by various cameras (including mine) of our Malaysian Studies project.

I will be resizing my photos (cos most of them are 1mb and above) so that everything can be included into 1 DVD-R. Those who want a copy, I hope you don't mind a minimum fee of RM 1.50 for the DVD (including the plastic sleeve or cover, if they're cheap).

If you all want, I'll include the pictures from tonight's class party too :) If the files aren't too big :) - no promises.

To those who want a copy, please include your name here, or I'll circulate a list on Monday, write your name down then :)
Thank you :)



anitha said...

I want!!! 1 Copy for me

Shamala said...

I want a copy too!!!

km-y said...

me 3 :)

km-y said...

thanks nat :)

siewli said...

pika pika! I want one too!

Anonymous said...

Nat, may I know what is the average size of one picture? I wish to get the oris. >.<

Natalie said...

Who's the anonymous?
The Malaysian Studies pics are about 2.0MB each.

-1 Ling- said...

i want it as well. =D thankew nat.

yan said...

i want! thankyou nat =)