Monday, January 18, 2010

Feed Back About E-PBL

Regarding the above title, Dr Yiap has requested for some feedbacks for E-PBL. So, do feel free to leave any comments here (anonymous also is accepted), and I will forward the comments to Dr. Yiap.

Thank you.


andrewL said...

A lot ah:
1. System clearly is unable to support all of us coz it crashes.

2. It is difficult to keep up with the speed of posting. The moment i have completed writing 1 post, i see about 9-10 new posts.

3. Some people clearly cant differentiate session 1 and 2, coz they seem to be pasting wikipedia into the forum.

siewli said...

Server cannot support so many people going on at once. It would be better to space the ePBL out over the week.

And it seems to be a posting race. since everyone kiasu kiasu don't want to be left out of the discussion, the posts are rapidly posted. Consequently, there is not enough time to think through the issues clearly.

But I enjoy ePBL that we can access information on site, so we can brainstorm effectly, instead of just brainstorming with no idea of what is going on.

Anonymous said...

it was so not managed well. everyone was posting everytg everywere.. and we were mostly competing to post something in epbl. and it was so troublesome to refresh each page and look under each subtitle to see the recent post.

previous semester's epbl was better.
thank you.

Anonymous said...

I think the most relevant complain here is the fact that the system can't support us all.. the rest, like the ppl posting all the facts and all, I think Dr.yiap can't really help since it is our fault and not his..
It became a typing competition because everyone became kiasu and I'm sure not many ppl actually read all the replies posted by their group members.
Maybe suggest that he bans the "copy-paste"thing, in that way, it will be fair to all.

Anonymous said...

and also for some no facilitator is involved