Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A How-To Guide to Printing on the new Ricohs.

Dear all,

Here is a tutorial writter by our IT Liaison Alicia on how to use the printers. You can also find it at her blog page.

A How-To Guide to Printing on the new Ricohs.

Merely wanted to post up a written guide on how to print using the new printers as it's easy to get lost if you aren't too sure :(.

You would first need to get your pin, if you haven't efficiently already done so at HelpDesk on the third floor, left of the escalator. Miss Aarthi is the person in charge, and she is the only one who has the right to generate your six-digit pin, so if there's a congestion, please bear with us.

The second thing you need is paper and a computer within one of the ELLs.

After you've decided what to print, click Print (take note of the printer as well; if it's not the Ricoh printer for the ELLs, then your print job will not be received). You would see a window popping up asking for your username and password, both which are your Student ID number. Type them both out and hit Enter. If you would like to see/make sure that your print job is sent, you can look for Start Menu > Ringdale > Client Administration. Under the Print Jobs tab, you should be able to see your print job.

Next, get up from chair and move towards printer with your papers, and insert papers into the topmost Tray 1. Gently push it back, to avoid its internals from breaking.

After, ensure printer is on (the On button is on your top right), and that the Printer button on your left has a lighted up LED.

Enter pin number (eg 123456) onto the black box on printer (not the printer itself) and press #. If the pin works, there are two beeps. If it does not, three beeps will sound.

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