Saturday, January 30, 2010

B107 Champions League (Updated)

(Click Diagram to enlarge it.)

Date: 02-02-2010 (Tuesday)

Time: 8.00-11.00pm

Fixtures :

1st -A vs C
2nd-A vs B
3rd-B vs D
4th-C vs D
5th-B vs C
6th A vs D

3rd and 4th placing - 3rd vs. 4th

Final- 1st vs. 2nd

Venue: IMU Futsal Court.

Rules & Regulations:

1. 10 mins per match
2. Win- 3 points
3. Draw-1 point
4. Lose- 0 point
5. Semi and final – if draw winners will be decided through penalty shootout
6. Fair play
7. If raining match will be postponed
8. Strictly adhere to dress code
9. Pang Tsen can only ulti after remain static for 1 minute 1st

List of awards
1. Best new player
2. Golden boot
3. Golden glove
4. Funniest goal

8 to 8.15 Speech by Teck Long
8.15 to 8.30 singing club song, mourn for Haiti victims and photo session
8.30 Kickstart
10.30 Prize giving ceremony

Admission Fees: FOC

To anyone who is interested, especially the Ladies from B107, please do come and support your favourite team(s)!!

The Blacks and The Blues have even taken initiative to make up their promo. poster (Currently available in FB).

Thus, don't miss this golden opportunity to see ALL B107 guys in actions!

(Who says sem 6 very busy??)



DaVIdnG said...

lol.... Dr kang can still see the small little sentence there.. pity juniors next time.. lol...

Anonymous said...

if team end up with same points n same goal difference how??

wei wen said...

then winner will be decided from the result of the match between the two teams

Anonymous said...

if the teams draw again each other??

Anonymous said...

the word semi on third n fourth placing need to change to 3rd placing....

-1 Ling- said...

LOL. awesome!! the ladies will b there. Sem 6 is bz but fun la har.. XD

wei wen said...

Answer to anonymous, the team that scores more will proceed if in tat case

Seaneng said...

haha..seems that this bro(anonymous) very ethu bout d futsal game gud..that's what it shud be..haha..

Wei ping said...

Hey, some of u might have confusion where the is the venue for the match .

The match is at imu greenzone, right beside imu, in front vista B.

( the diagram of the stadium in this post is for illustration purpose only)