Thursday, January 22, 2009

Walao eh...

*This post is meant for the girls in our batch, actually, haha. But guys can read as well.*

Hi girls! (Who say must say hi GUYS?) :P

Please be careful when you use the toilets on 2nd floor, near LT1 or LT2, because you might be in great danger.

Why am I saying so leh?

Because, I am not the only person who had this very VERY bad experience there.

The series of unfortunate events just happened after Peggy's weird advice before I went to the toilet roughly two weeks ago. She said, "be careful ah" before I went in then I was feeling kinda weird.

Why have to be careful?

She said it without any idea of what was going to happen as she did not have any bad incident there before. Then I went.

Then I USED the toilet loh. Then... In the middle of doing the "things" that I wanna do, the door opened by itself.

Yup, OPENED by itself.

I was in great shock and I closed the door immediately.

Fine. *Then only I knew that Peggy has a very black tongue, haha.*

Few days passed, and just happened that I got into the same toilet.

Then, the same thing happened again and I my reflex response was to close the door and then I sounded like I banged on the door.


Today. I saw the door was shaky, and I had forgotten about the cases happened before. It was not properly closed.

Lotsa people were queueing, and the overloaded bladder urged me to go in.

Then I went. I opened the door.

Then I saw someone and scene that I should not see.

Both of us were just too shocked to say anything other than sorry.

She said sorry because the door was not locked properly, I said sorry because I saw ******.

It was d*mn embarrassing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I came out of the toilet, then I saw few of my female friends.

Oo, I am not the only one that had this super bad experience!!!!

So, if you wanna use the toilets on 2nd floor, please lock the door properly or just keep pushing the door when you are in it.

When the door ever opens, it might not be only you and the person who open the door can see each other.

You can even see the queue and so does the queue see you.

So, take care and be really really careful.

Happy toileting, happy chinese new year! :D

22nd Jan 09 10.20pm


Shamala said...

I was in the there this morning and I saw the same thing happen to another girl. Not from our batch one. Damn scaryla. i think u guys dont close the door hard enough before latching it. Next time check if the door is secure enough before starting anything.

Anonymous said... dangerous...
thanks for informing us =)

PinG said...

walao eh...

CKC said...

I will be more careful when i use that particular toilet...

oppss...did i say that?

DaVIdnG said...

guys toilet also like that eh.. p p halway u see ppl at the back looking at u.. haha... blame the contractor lar..

km-y said...

yen-nee! i almost experienced that, but luckily the door opened right after i closed it. =S anyway thanks for informing. =)

Anonymous said...

i experienced that twice!! luckily there wasn't any ppl in the toilet tat time..damn scary!!