Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Why no new post?? Hmmm...ok la, since now I emo, i put in some random poem...(reminder: this is the emo Kin Man, may differ from the real one)

When I was a kid,
My dad said I should dream big,
I should excel in Mathematics,
I should not be meek.

As the years go by,
I learnt how to use pi,
Become prefect so that I can wear a tie,
And through the cane, I learnt not to lie.

Life in school was so and so,
Trying to aim 1st but don't get to sit the front row,
The reason, you ask, if you must know,
Apparently being too tall is not as good, though.

SPM came, and hell yeah, I was scared,
But then it turned out not too bad,
"Maybe a scholarship!", my heart was glad,
But a "no", is what they said. (they = JPA)

So, INTI I went, hoping for the best,
The best, however, is to excel in tests,
I do my best, and leave God the rest,
Without much idea, of what to do next.

Time flies, and here now, here I am,
Typing some emo poem, and wasting my REM (REM = Rapid eye movement = sleep)
Time flies, and now I am in 4th sem,
I just feel like saying, :” I don’t give a damn!”

PBLs, portfolios, PSDs and reports,
I would say just feed me with maggots!
Sometimes I just wish I could be Theo Walcott,
As such an age, he hit the jackpot.

But thank God, B107 is not just ordinary,
We are unique, we even impress the deanery,
You guys are great! Its not my imaginary,
With you guys, my life here is passable, literally.

God knows how I ended up with this many “jobs”,
But since I am here, I just say: ”Why not?”
Friends I had made, relationships I had bond,
Along the way, I learned to love you guys a lot :)

Now, my emo-self is half-gone,
But it may return, till then the battle is only half-won,
Well, lets face sem 4 with joy till it is done,
Whatever it brings, I know, we still can be one.

Cheers :)


斌世无双 said...

i love this!!

-1 Ling- said...

nice one kin man =)

彦霓::yen-nee said...

i love this two!

opps *too!*

Seaneng said...

not bad ya..

DaVIdnG said...

nice one..

andrewL said...

OMG... kin man.. you have a talent in literature.. among many other things..


Kah Yee said...

wah kin man you can become a poet!

km-y said...

creative, rhyming, and reflective poem. =) all the best to everyone! let's get through sem 4 together! ^^