Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blog's membership

Hey B1-07 mates,

I am here to clarify something regarding the membership (XD) of this blog.

It just happened that these few days some of the b107 friends told me that they never received any invitation email from the administration of this blog.

So, there are several possibilities that may be related to this scenario:

1. SENDER - The sender of the invitaion email will be named : underconstruction . So, don't ignore the email if u see this sender because we have heard that some of us did not realize that this is something regarding the blog.

2. EMAIL - The email list that was last updated during the first day of semester 4 is the list that is used for the invitation. And, some of the emails that were given are not actually checked frequently or have been expired. So, u can inform kin man if u would like to change ur email.

3. LIMIT - Till now ,we have 61 people that have actually sign up for this blog , meaning that there are still 40+ people that haven't sign up. Actually, the limit for the number of authors in the blog is 100 , and this means that we have 3-4 ppl that may not yet been received any invitaiton email before. (* For those that have never received any email from the blog, you all can inform either wei ping or david. We will have a solution for you. sorry for the inconvenience)

wei ping

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