Monday, June 21, 2010

*Updated* Photoshoot Session

Dear all,

Here is the latest update regarding the grouping.
We need 12 groups, 10 groups consisting 9 people and 2 groups consisting 8 people.
You can mix it up. No longer restricted to boys/girls, but if your group already consists of only boys/girls it is fine as well.

If you guys have problems finding a group, we will help u guys out.

Regarding the theme, we are working on it and we will inform you later.

Enjoy your hols and see you guys next week! =)


Shamala said...

just a minor correction: 11 gps with 9 ppl and 1 gp with 8 ppl.

Mogan Ram said...

thnx sham!!

Shamala said...

welcome! =)