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Elective in Taiwan

As suggested by David, I hereby trying very hard my very best to write a post regarding our elective in Taiwan. To no surprise please, you'll see a duplication of this post in my personal blog hehe.

Before I start writing, I shall clarify that as much as I would like to talk as a representative of five, I might still, at certain point, convey my personal point of view, which may not represent the others. (Alright, just kidding.)

Okay. So wasting no time. On the 6th of May, five of us, including myself, Chia Yan, Sor Leng, Ann Gie and  the thorn among the roses, Teck Long, flew over to Taiwan to begin our three-weeks elective, that was to be attached to Mackay Medical College, located in San-Jhih Township (三芝鄉), Taipei, Taiwan. As a brief introduction, Mackay Medical College was set up in year 2009. Hence currently, Mackay has only its first batch of students, comprising of 67 medical and nursing students. Yeah you heard it right. Only 67! Thus with no surprise, we were easily known by the entire school! =p However! This small number of students, along with the lecturers and staffs was more than enough to give us an amazing and inspiring experience in Mackay. In short, they were simply capable, outspoken, friendly, thoughtful, VERY hospitable and most importantly, they gave you the warmhearted feeling whenever you were with them. =)

School Compound:


Hostel Room. Messy but very comfy!

As our purpose of such attachment was to learn as much as possible, particularly about their education system and learning culture, we tried to attend as much of their activities and lectures as possible. So as soon as on the second day upon arrival, we attended a CPR lesson together with the medical students. Each of us had the chance to practice CPR as well as first aid for choking on a human model. 

Starting from Monday the following week, we started attending proper lectures with the fellow students. Unlike us, they had fixed timetable every week, consisting of both compulsory and optional classes. In the two-weeks time, we attended various lectures, including Japanese and Chinese Language, Advanced Biology, Organic Chemistry, Basic Psychology, Human Development, Taiwan Medical History, Medicine and Cancer etc. Their education system was apparently more student-centered whereby for certain classes, different students were assigned to deliver lectures every week and for others, students were asked to do review of movies or case study followed by presentation in class. Whenever a question was asked or when an issue was raised, their students actively participated in the discussion and delivered their ideas in a very logical and presentable way.
Organic Chemistry Lab Session

Teck Long presenting his ideas after a class presentation during Medicine and Cancer.

With Our Japanese Language Teacher

Fellow classmates

In the meantime, we also had chance visiting several hospitals and universities. They included Mackay Memorial Hospital both in Dan Shui and Taipei, Changhua Christian Hospital, Aletheia University, Chung Yuan Christian University and National Yang Ming University. Besides, we also visited the Cord Blood Stem Foundation in National Yang Ming Chung Yuan Christian University. It was like real-time experience of what we had learnt from Biotech and CTT. 
VIA Cord Blood Stem Foundation

 Definitely, we wouldn't miss the chance to tour around Taiwan. After all, it was our first time (except for Chia Yan, which was her second time) visiting Taiwan. In Taipei itself, we visited lots of places, including Museum of Contemporary Art 当代艺术馆, Taipei 101, Night Markets (Shi Da 师大 . Shi Lin 士林 and Guang Zhou St. Tourist 广州街), Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall 中正纪念堂, Zhong Lie Ci 忠烈祠, Grand Hotel 圆山大饭店, Taipei Mucha Zoo 台北木栅动物园, Mao Kong 猫空, Miramar Entertainment Park 美丽华娱乐园, Yang Ming Shan 阳明山, National Palace Museum 国立故宫博物院 etc. 
Museum of Contemporary Art 当代艺术馆

Taipei 101

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall 中正纪念堂

Zhong Lie Ci 忠烈祠

Taipei Mucha Zoo 台北木栅动物园

Mao Kong 猫空
Miramar Entertainment Park美丽华娱乐园

Other than Taipei, we also visited Jiu Fen 九份, Dan Shui 淡水, Zhang Hua 彰化 and Hua Lian 花莲. Save the descriptions, I'll let pictures tell the stories.

Jiu Fen 九份
Dan Shui 淡水渔人码头 

Hua Lian 花莲

Second day in Hua Lian, we went for a day trip with another group of familiar people. Haha. They wereKean Ping, Wei Ping, Wei Wen, KC, Wan Ling and Ling Wei. Honestly, it felt warm to meet up with "gaki-lang" in a foreign land. =p

Apart from tourist spots, visiting Taiwan was nothing if we didn't get to eat their food, which was of great varieties and was absolutely nice!

First of all, introducing our daily breakfast in Mackay. It could be things like sandwiches, burgers, kuih or spaghetti with a cup of drinks, usually tea or coffee.

A famous food in Dan Shui called Ah Gei 阿给

Beef Noodle. Btw, it was brinjal that Teck Long was holding. =p

Tea Leaves Fried Rice @ Mao Kong.

Oyster Vermicelli  or "Oh ah Mee Suah" @ Xi Men Ding

Barbecued meat. Superb nice!

Well. Those are pretty much the summary of the entire trip in Taiwan. One day before we left, we actually made a short farewell presentation for Mackay. Again, they were impressed by Teck Long's video-making skill. =D
For more information, you are always welcomed to visit our facebooks and have a look on Teck Long's video in facebook as well. Hehe.

Have a nice day! XD


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the cord blood foundation we visited was in chung yuan christian university. there is another cord blood foundation in yang ming but we didn't go there.

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Hey, I am interested in doing my electives in Taiwan. Juz wanna know how to apply for the medical electives in Mackay Hospital???? How much do u pay for the elective program and hostel accommodation??? Was Mackay Hospital ur first choice?? What are the other hospitals and medical colleges that u could probably recommend???

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Hi...I am interested to do my elective posting at Mackay Memorial Hospital too.May I know how you apply it?