Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Photo Shoot session for Magazine.

Hey guys,

We have arranged the photo-shoot session for our convo mag. We are having it early in the semester because we know some of us will be doing our research overseas and it would be hard to re-group again.

We have divided the class according to gender, meaning girls and boys, and within each group, the groups are further divided according to colours.

Details are as follows.


Date: 03/07/2010 ( The first Saturday after classes start)

Time: Will be informed during class.

Location: Bukit Jalil Park


1. Black

2. Blue

3. Yellow

4. Red

Please assign 6 people to each group and finalise your groups with us on Monday( 28/06/10)


Date: 10/07/10 & 17/07/10 (the 2nd and 3rd Saturday once classes start)

Time: Will be informed during class

Location: Putrajaya / KLCC


1. Black

2. Pink

3. Purple

4. White

5. Orange

6. Light Blue

7. Grey

8. Red

9. Yellow

10. Apple Green

Since there are 10 groups, 7 groups will have 8 members in them, while the remaining 3 groups will have 9 members in them.

Pls choose and finalise your own groups with us on Monday (28.06.10).

For those who will be going to Putrajaya, we will arrange transportation for you, and those going to KLCC will have to take the LRT. Locations will be randomly assigned to the groups.

Note for guys & girls

Each group will need a leader who will draw lots to decide which colour you will belong in.

Since we don’t have the timetable with us when we planned this, the dates have been fixed on Saturdays only. However once the time table is available and if we have a weekday free, we might change the date.

You are required to dress according to your group colour and you may synchronise the colours with ur group members after Monday( 28/06/10).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us on Monday (28/06/10)

Thank you. =)


Kah Yee said...

hey sham thanks for organizing it! I have a feeling it's going to be fun fun fun!

DaVIdnG said...

guys want nice place also.. sob sob.... :P still possible to change?? hehheehe...

my life said...

hei sham, does it mean that we wont be able to decide the theme we want?
and we will have to draw lots according to the themes u all have assigned? and why we r divided according to genders..

can we instead decide the theme we want for our group?

anitha said...

@dave..hmmm, abt the venue..we can can still change if u guys can find a better place which is convenient for all guys :)

as for the theme, our theme will be based on colours...

We decided to draw lots as it will be fair chance for everyone to get a particular theme colour...
BUT, mutual exchange is welcomed :)

my life said...

what i meant was can we choose other theme instead of colours?

Shamala said...

KX: we will clarify ur question on Monday(28/06/10), I'll need to have a meeting with Ling Wei first.
And to the girls who have already formed a group of 9, pls leave a comment here so that the other groups can arrange the no. of people in them. there can only be 3 groups with 9 people in them.

chunwei said...

In conjunction with World Cup 2010, why don't our theme based on COUNTRIES instead of COLOURS. How fantastic and lively will be the convo pics. And we can cut the number of groups down. (just a suggestion from me). Btw, it is fine to separate based on colours.

Ellen said...

If the theme and all don't change, I have a group of eight here, which includes myself(Ellen), Chia Yan, Sor Leng, Ann Gie, Felicia, Choon Choon, Sharon and Eng May May. =D

Shamala said...

Chun Wei, regarding the groups right, we can't have too many people in one group, if we do, later in the group pic the faces will be small, and we have to adjust it to the size of our magazine as well(it is not the normal A4 one). As for the world cup theme, it is a good idea, and I'll inform my creative design team about it. Thanks for the suggestions, if you guys have anymore suggestions we would like to hear them.We welcome any suggestions from the class, provided that it is an original idea and hasn't be done by any of the other previous batches.We would also appreciate it if you guys submit your ideas ASAP ( before 21/06/10) so that the creative design team can look through them and come up with something.
Thanks guys! =) enjoy ur hols.

Shamala said...

I have a group of 9: Joanne, Radhika, Kaveena, Chai Yen, Yen Nee, Kah Yee, Evelyn, Peggy and I.

JoNi said...

we've already submitted to lingwei a copy :)

but basically, we just had some random ideas such as using simple props with the colours tt will be assigned to us to define who we are as a person,then maybe the dresscode can be plain white&black :). that's because, since the background will be greens and nature, we just thought more contrast would be nicer.
eg : michelle loveSSSSSS TV. so prolly she can hug a huge pink TV frame with a super duper happy smile. and me, for instance, am a nerd. so, i can "pose" in a way, with books on my hand, pulling her away from her TV.

the idea is more of like, a "fun, family" theme with a "story" behind every photo. it can be anything at all. anything you all think explains who you are as a person, OR as a group, or as friends. or it can be us holding cards, with one word which describes the person standing next to you. but ofcoz, we would then have to synchronise with the whole class, to have either props, cards, or etc :). it doesnt have to be very complicated, just simple ones, it can be a football, a shopping bag, a teddy bear.. anything at all. as long as when people look at the photo and see you, they know "oh, wan ling loves...hamster" ..kinda thing XD

i did ask our natagrapher for ideas, and i think she came up with a brilliant one for the individual photos :)
what she suggested was to have everyone wear a white or black plain shirt, instead of wearin d colours, we would have d assigned coloured papers with our desired one word we'd like to say to our fellow classmates ( what will be written on the cards can be decided later but, basically, the idea is the cards..hehehe ) ..then each individual has a set of 3 photos - a smilin one, a candid one and a laughing one...

just some additional ideas for the the creative team :)

Shamala said...

Thanks for your ideas Jo Ni! :)

Mogan Ram said...

but really,y da separation according to gender??
wouldnt it be more lively to have a balance mix between both males and females in da group??

Shamala said...

the gender thing can change one..don't worry.