Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Part-time vacancies for data enumerators (daily pay), anyone interested?

Dear all,

I know tht holidays just started....
So, if anyone plans to do some part-time job to earn some extra pocket money...here is the chance.

My sister needs some enumerators to do data collection.
It is for a research involving diabetes patients in hospitals around klang valley.

Here are the details:
-Work will be on weekdays & in hospitals.
-Will be picked up from Puchong or Monash University.
-Must attend a short training in Monash University before data collection starts.
-Pays RM80 per day.

Anyone interested, sms me or reply to this blog post.



Natalie said...

How long would it take? total duration and the working hours as well.

anitha said...

Since it is on daily basis pay, u dun have to come everyday.
It would be starting on last week of Nov. The training would be held earlier, by next week.
She will pay u for attending the training (RM50).
The total duration working hours would be 6 hours.
U can get more details from her directly.
Email her at amutha80@gmail.com

Siew Li said...

How long do we have to go? Maybe next week I am free can go ^^

Is it easy to go for the training and job? Can give some directions for me from public transport?

I'm still thinking about the dates..but 80 bucks a day is really great!!!! >w<

anitha said...

@siew li
maybe u start by emailing my sis
u can get the details from her