Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Hey guys,

Recently, I find out that in several blogs of others batches in our uni have posted something regarding "IMU student email account"in their blogs. (source: BP108 &ME208 Blogs).

This thing might be applicable for us as well.

According to their blogs, they states that :-

"All end of semester examination results will be sent to students' IMU email address. We will no longer send results to student's personal email address."

Thus in order to activate the account, u guys have to assess to http://mail.imu.edu.my/ .
sign in with your ID and password is 123456.

You guys can change ur password once you have logged in.

This link will give u a better understanding on how to activate ur account.

I am NOT SURE whether this message is applicable to us or not , maybe Kin Man can help us clarify this. Thanks. :)

References :
1. http://bp108.blogspot.com/
2. http://m208.blogspot.com/2009/10/attention-ppl.html


Kah Yee said...

hey thanks!! I tried it and it worked lol

PinG said...

Ya, it works for me too:D
No harm trying,
And i just realized that i din do the evatluation thing hehe.

Kin Man said...

Thanks Wei Ping for pointing this issue out. I confirmed with AAD and they say that results will be sent our IMU email and NOT personal email. And also the email for payment of fees, but according to Cashiers Office, they say they will send by this week. But we still can pay on thursday if we want to.

anitha said...

thanx :)

DaVIdnG said...

can we not pay?? lol...

Darrell KTL said...

I cant log in. it said my post office is not available. Did anyone face the same problem?

Seaneng said...

teck long..me too..having the same problem..haha..

PING said...

Hey, now i oso cannot open, is it because after working hours, they will close down the system ?

Radhika said...

im having 'post office' prob too :(

Anonymous said...

2moro morning try again

PING said...


u guys can try again now.
The website is working for me and few others. :D

Radhika said...

ya..its working nw..thanx :)

彦霓::yen-nee said...

Thanks wei ping for posting!! Otherwise we would be staring at our mailbox for hours! Thanks! :)
All the best!!