Saturday, November 7, 2009

B107- Penang trip

Dear all,
This is the transport arrangement to penang on 8/11/09.

For those who take bus to penang-
a) the bus ticket is RM 31.20
b) depart time is 8.00am.
c) gather in front of IMU at 7am!!
d) bus ticket back to KL on 10/11 is yet to be confirmed.

below is the list for those who take bus:
1) kean ping
2) Kah Loong
3) Ling wei
4) KC
5) Eddie
6) Ann gie
7) Wai Han
8) Beh
9) Melissa
10) Bee Guat
11) Wai Shan
12) Jia Xin
13) Kuan Yin
14) Tracy
15) Teck Long

For those who sit car to penang
Car 1:
Drvier: Pang tsen
Members : Chi lun, Joanne, Shin yee

Car 2:
Driver: Joni
Members: Wei wen, Wan ling

Driver: KH
Members: wei ping, boon fong, ellen, siaw fui

This is the car arrangement in Penang
Car 1- tsen, chilun, Joanne, Shin yee, Teck long
car2- Joni, melissa, Bee guat, Siaw fui, Wan ling
car3- KH, KC, BF, ellen, Ann gie, eddie
car 4- Beh, KP, Ling wei, Wai Han, KL
car 5- Wei Ping, Wei wen, Tracy, Kuan Yin, Jia xin, wai shan

The plan in penang will be updated later by wei ping.
Sorry for the late inform as I cant get to contact everyone yesterday after exam.

We are expected to reach mainland by 1pm. Drivers please estimate time to depart.
my contact number is 0175689566 call me to confirm if u all have any doubt.
Please spread the news if u read this post.


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