Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Some Annoucements

1) Speech Competition (from Art Festival)

Title: GO MAD (Make A Difference)

Deadline for submission of entries to SRC :14th August 2009. ( Forms are available at SAD )

Venue: Atrium

Date of event: 2nd of September, 2009

Duration of each speech: 5 to 7 minutes


Best speaker: rm 250

1st runner up: rm 150

2nd runner up: rm 100

Any enquiries, please contact

Amirahwaty Abdullah

President/ 017 338 1452

2) Casual Acoustic Jamming Night

The details are:

Date: 14th AUGUST 2009

Day: Friday

Time: 7.30pm

Venue: Dance room

You guys can bring snacks, drinks, pillows, throw rugs, fangirls/guys, boyfriends, girlfriends, lyrics, chords, guitars.

What songs?! We don’t care = ) It can be originals. covers. anything goes.

Just come and have a good time. = ) Any questions, just shoot an email to musicperformance.imu@gmail.com

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