Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MS Project: Important Dates!

By the way, we need people to tend to the booth when we dance Jaiho, so those who are free, please let Grace or Weng Fai know. Thanks!

In case any of you didn't manage to catch the dates.
1) Dance Rehearsal (Chinese Malay Indian) + Choir
19/8 (Wed) 8pm-10pm

2) Full Rehearsal (Very Important!! It is compulsory for those who are involved to attend)
25/8 (Tues) & 26/8 (Wed) 7.30pm

3) Decoration
26/8 (Wed) 7.00pm

4) 27/8 & 28/8
Everyone please wear Traditional Costumes.

5) Coupons
Compulsory 3 coupons
Pass the money & extra coupons to KC by 20/8 (thurs)

6) Choir practice
Wed 19/8 5-7pm~ @ SR 1

7) Jaiho
Friday 21/8 (time: TBC)

Thanks for your cooperation.

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