Monday, August 24, 2009

rehearsal for malaysian studies project!

there will be a rehearsal for two days okay!
the first day will be 25 august 09 at atrium. time 8.00pm
this will be a performance rehearsal so everyone that is in the performance must come.
not a full dress rehearsal okay. i need to teach the closing ceremony as well as the opening ceremony. so pls come.

the 26 august 09 will be a FULL REHEARSAL (atrium) at 8.00pm .. so everyone pls come for this.. its a full costume rehearsal. not just the performance but everything. so everyone pls be ready okeh!!!

looking forward for a great succesful event!!



彦霓::yen-nee said...

Dear Ida, I am afraid that we will sweat after dancing... Then the bajus cannot wash in wed night cos tak sempat kering..

Emm.. How ah?

km-y said...

yen-nee, baju can kering at night..i've done my laundry at night many times will dry..otherwise, can always iron the baju to dry it..but..if it rains..then sure won't dry..