Tuesday, October 19, 2010

PTPTN loan

just found out and thought i should share. when we applied for PTPTN on 2007, our interest rate was 3%. as we all know, it's now 1%. but the agreement we had with the government (the documents we signed) was 3%. so, if and only if u've signed another document (that says 1%), only then will u get the 1% agreement.

i wasn't sure if we needed to 'kemaskini'. so i contacted IMU. here's what she said.

from Noor Liza Ahmad Zahari 

Hi JanNing,

Thank you for your mail. The ujrah to 1% is only effective from May 2008, if I am not mistaken. So your loan before this date will still be under 3% interest. Yes, you can apply for the change in ujrah for 2008 onwards.

Hope this makes sense. Otherwise you can come and see me.

Noor Liza
Student Services Dept.
so please apply for the change from 3% to 1%. click here to do it.

as u can see above, our tahun kelulusan pinjaman was 2007. hence, tarikh mula kemaskini was 20 sept 2010, not 1 nov 2010 (as seen in FB by some of us). so yes, we can already start doing it now.

after u've clicked the link, fill up your IC and email, check your email, and follow as instructed. then, wait for the documents that would be sent to you by post. sign it and send it back to them. it's like..what we did when we 1st applied for it. :)


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