Friday, October 8, 2010

Oktoberfest?? More like IMU fest!

1. There will be 3 new food choices when you feel exhausted from excessive studying, or just simply feel too hungry.
- every TUE and THU: 10 am to 3pm
- at 3rd floor outside the Library
They will serve the food in disposal containers and will also offer discount if you bring your own containers.
Shirley's Recipe Sdn Bhd
- WEEKDAYS: 4pm to 8.30pm, a set meal is at least RM4.50
- outside student lounge
Assam Fish Restaurant (tentatively)
- daily evening at IMU drive

2. With a clear mind and feeling energised after a sumptous meal, it's time for serious study. Not to worry, there is a TEMPORARY STUDY AREA (till Mar 2011) next to IMU Clinic.

3. However, we need to relax at times. Why don't you take a short trip to Carrefour or Pasar Malam EVERY TUE?
- 7 pm outside IMU (driver could drop you off at Pasar Malam)
- 9 pm at Carrefour
- RM1!!! (1st come 1st serve)

4. Finally, do not miss the HIGHLIGHT of Oct - HALLOWEEN NIGHT (29-Oct-2010). More details will be announced.

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andrewL said...

"we need to relax sometimes. lets take a short trip to Carrefour."