Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Vote for the TIE design

As suggested by Shamala on the chat box,

I have jz set up a poll for the favourite design for the B107 tie.

And , I hope that everyone votes ONCE only.

Besides that, for sin yee's design, it was suggested that we can incorporate her design into one of the tie (quoted from the earlier post).

So feel free to comment under this post whether to keep the design as its own or combine into another tie.

Thank You.

Ai xin's 1st design

Soon Yang's design Khai Xhuen's design
Anonymous's designs

Ai xin's 2nd design
Sin Yee's design


Seaneng said...

good job wei ping!!!now it's easier 4 us 2 look at which tie exactly v nid 2 vote liao..

so juz refer 2 this post 2 choose de tie u like la..as u no nid go thru diff pages 2 look at de sample of de tie..

sinYee said...

wei ping ar,don hav to include mine la~i juz draw for fun to giv an idea of using drug names to build the "Rx",actually dunno how to incorporate it oso,hard to be considered as a 'design'...=.=" juz an idea nia~~~faster remove me away k..paiseh...lOlx:::thz::: XD

km-y said...

thanks ai xin, soon yang, anonymous and sin yee for taking initiative to submit designs for the tie.. =)

斌世无双 said...

i vote for anonymous design

Seaneng said...

kp,me too!!!

radhika said...

I like anonymous design wit a black background :P

Kin Man said...

Khai Xuen design!

Shamala said...

i think once we choose the design then we can like alter a bit if majority wants to change it la..