Saturday, June 13, 2009

hot and hazy days ahead

It's our country annually-happen hot and hazy season..Thanks to the El-Nino and the open burnings..

Air pollution index deteriorated throughout the country and the situation at Klang Valley here isn't that great..For those who are not from Klang Valley when you all come back here don't get shock ya..

Since we only have around 8 days before our sem start,just take good care of yourself and don't fall sick at this time la..(touch wood)


CKC said...

U wan die? Fernando Torres nickname is "El Nino"

Seaneng said...

haha..ya la..u noe why?in Spain El-nino means little boy..and Torres made his name at very young age..ya..he ady very famous at young age..somemore,he's got the youthful look oso la..haha..

btw,he's oso hot juz like El-Nino..

Kin Man said...

lol....Ronaldo hotter.

彦霓::yen-nee said...

Wang Lee Hom is the hottest.

No need berebut-rebut.


Seaneng said...

kin man..u r talking bout de Brazil's Ronaldo a..haha..

Seaneng said...

yen nee,yaya..lee hom is hot oso..

juz look at his latest album cover..hehe..

km-y said...

thanks.. yup, it's hot and hazy in subang as well. sigh.. =(