Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Official House Meeting (OHM)

Dear batchmates,

As most of you have already know, the house system will be introduced for the very first time in this year's IMU CUP. Traditionally, students in IMU are divided into 6 or 7 teams according to their batches. Medical batches will join with Nursing or Bmed seniors while 3 Pharmacy batches will join together to form a team. The traditonal method of grouping the students had been challenged by several circumstances in the previous IMU CUPs. For example:

1. There is no proper team allocation for Bmed seniors, retainees or those who switched programme.

2. Nursing is a 4 years programme while Medicine is a 2.5 years programme. After every 2.5 years, Nursing students have to accommodate to a new batch of Medical students. These students did not feel a sense of belonging to their teams.

3. Some teams only have to coordinate between 2/3 batches (like us) while others have to coordinate between 8 batches. There was no level field.

As IMU is expanding our courses, the division of teams based on batches will face even greater problems. We can no longer afford to group all Health Sciences programmes together as the students intake for these students will expand in years to come. A proper and permanent solution need to be in place to ensure the feasibility of IMU CUP in the future.

Hence, there'll be an OHM for every house to elect their committee members, captains for each sport as well as batch reps. OHM for each house will be held this thursday (23rd of april) from 7.30pm-10.30pm. Please refer to the boards in the atrium to identify your house captain and find out the location of your house's OHM.

I know we are on our study break and EOS is less than 2 weeks away but i strongly encourage all of you to make time to attend your OHM (exception for those who balik kampung for the study break). The reason is because the House System is here to stay and the change is not going to be easy. I believe we all as pioneers of it have a resposibility to make it a success so that the students who come in in the future will enjoy IMU CUP as much as we did regardless of the change in system. We are the ones who will make the difference and set the standards. I know some of you might be thinking that you have nothing to contribute in terms of sports and hence, IMU CUP has nothing to do with you but i want you to know that your presence matters and you will have many other ways to contribute if only you are willing.

If you all do attend your OHM, may i encourage you all to actively participate in all the discussions and brain storming (if there are) with all the other students from other batches. Do not be intimidated by anyone by any means. Please do voice out and speak your mind. The same goes for the future meetings and meet-ups that you all might have. Share your ideas. Share your creativity. Create solutions to problems that will help your house to be successful. Remember that you are starting a tradition for your house that will be followed for the years to come. How meaningful this year's IMU Cup to us individually and as a group will depend on how much we get ourselves involved with people around us and also, how much effort we put into it to make it a success.

Someone once told me this, ''You are important if you think that you are important, because when u think of yourself as imporant, you'll do things/ speak of things that are important and in the process, become important. But if you think that you are not important, you'll never be important.'' Just something random that came to mind. :D

Last but not least, happy studying to all of you and remember to take good care of your health. Get enough sleep, eat well and drink lots of water. Don't fall sick. Cheers to all of you and God bless. Muacksss... Good nite B107, my love. =)


Seaneng said...

good job pang tsen..

Janning said...

gosh..enough with the muacksses and lovesssess... haha!

Natalie said...

Did anyone go? i just read it today..oh welll.....heheh sorry but tsen ur post was too long so i skipped a whole lot of parts - how do we know which house we're in?